Some are the projects I have done in chronological order (oldest to latest):

Some school game projects

2014 February-March: Tried creating an Android game with 2 other friends.

  • Made it to learn the new Unity version back then with new 2D tools to run it on Android, which you can download the apk here. I was also trying out storing game scores to Facebook app and actually made the game playable on Facebook.
  • I also generated a standalone web version, playable with Unity plugin installed (HTML5 wasn’t supported yet back then). It works on browser because Unity is cross-platform. You can try it out here.
  • Unfortunately, I lost the source code, so the scoring system is no longer working, and you can’t easily play it on the web as well.
  • A recent gameplay video I made (6:30 is my favourite effect which uses the spring equation to generate the water buoyancy):

2020 June: Played around a bit with ReactJS and React-Redux and followed a tutorial, but unfortunately due to lack of maintanance it is not working (was using apis to get/display data and that api is now broke), so no point putting it up here.

2021 Jan+: Created a Amazon notifier via NodeJS in JavaScript/TypeScript, searching every 5 seconds on Amazon’s GPU product pages, tried both puppeteer and Cheerio to parse the raw html and process. Notification (though the notiifcation is spammy) via WhatsApp & sound alert (did not do SMS due to pricing though I did). Code is ugly/hacked, but is faster than StreetMerchant since it was customised and not as heavy as a full fledged solution. Scored GPUs for me and my friends who were building new computers together, and even notified fellow gamers in Discord to help them out as theirs took a few minutes later to notify.

2021 September: Made a simple matching card game in iOS SwiftUI to try out SwiftUI and get back into Swift coding, not done yet as the new job came in and it was in Swift/UIKit.

2022 July+: Not a project but undertaking an online course in a bid to improve myself on iOS skills and programming in general.