Why the site?

To document down some of the interesting things that I come across (oh wished I did this much sooner) at work/life or some interesting articles I found elsewhere, which would help to reinforce my memory and also allow me to reflect/lookback.

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About Me

Someone who likes playing computer games when I was young, went on to study IT and subsequently majored in computer science (specifcally real-time simulations).

Currently into iOS related mobile development.


Has a Diploma in Information Technology (Information Systems) and a degree in BSc in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

More information

Made 2d/3d simulations (games) with C/C++ or Unity game engine (C#) in university.

Work experience

Worked as a game developer at a small game studio, creating a level editor and a spline editor for enemies spawn in Unity.

Subsequently mainly got involved in iOS programming (iPhone/iPad) for Point-Of-Sales suite of apps and even a bit of server/db stuff.

More information

You can check them out here https://orcabos.com/. I helped to maintain and add features to existing apps, and even a couple of them were written from scratch by me in Objective-C.

Moved on to learn something new in another company, to try out/learn React Native as it is an easier (more like related) transition to Javascript/Typescript/React and learn some declarative/functional style of programming while still on mobile.

Took on a new iOS job after a 6 months hiatus (sabbatical break) to go back to Swift and do actual development. Left in less than a year due to various reasons (story for another day).

Now back on the market looking for a new iOS role. Let’s see where it goes this time!

Feel free to buy me a coffee if you want to suport me!


Been doing some self-study on some basic Korean (안녕하세요!) for a few years now.

Watching movies/TV shows is my favourite pastime as well, especially US/Korean ones. YouTube is also great for interesting videos as well when you are short on time.

Would like to learn to play the piano if given one.